Wednesday, May 8, 2019

From the President

Chers Amis
Most of us are members of the Alliance Française because of our interest in French language, history and culture. Many of us have visited France and had our senses overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Paris, its epic streetscape and public buildings, and in particular, the 800 year old Notre Dame de Paris. In some small way, therefore, we share with French people the horror and disbelief of the images we saw on our TV screens on 15 April when flames tore through the cathedral’s roof and brought its spire crashing down to the floor below. France has suffered more than its fair share of both natural disasters, and man-made horrors, over recent years resulting in the loss of life and property. But even though the Notre Dame fire caused no loss of life the prospect of losing such an iconic building has caused an unprecedented outpouring of grief both in France and overseas. Our thoughts are with the French people and hope that the cathedral is quickly restored to its former glory. 
Amities, Robert McCombie

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