Thursday, December 4, 2014


Kerry in full flight
Well, another year has passed and we have new winners of our annual Coup D’Antibes Petanque Competition.  Early weather predictions were ominous and the day began with rain and thunderstorms nearby but this did not deter more than 30 members from turning out on what became a very pleasant day at Mandeni.

We got under way with a welcoming glass of traditional Kir Royal followed by a welcoming speech from Mme President Gai Jacobs. Kerry Hunting outlined the new format which had been changed to teams of 3 players so that all matches could be played on an equal footing on the pistes.  A time limit of 30 minutes per match was also introduced and this proved very successful in keeping the action going non-stop. 

Winners are grinners: Ray, Bill and Simon
The fun began immediately with the competition draw and very quickly there were cries of surprise when last year’s winners Neil Porter and Bruce Gaunson were again drawn together - but it was all above board!  In all 10 teams took part with the first 4 teams out of the hat playing a preliminary round to reduce numbers to an even 8 teams.  Most of the early games had close-run finishes although there was one exception - an 11-0 scoreline - but no names no pack-drill!!

Competition was fierce with no quarter given or asked and it was all accompanied by much good-natured cheering & advice from supporters.  Playing all matches on the pistes was welcomed by everyone and not only produced a much higher standard of play but eliminated the unlucky bounces which happened on the grass.

Classic follow through by Bruce Gaunson
As in previous years those waiting to play enjoyed very convivial morning teas with many cakes, biscuits and other delicacies consumed in large quantities.  Everyone tucked in with gusto and the phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (let them eat cake) widely attributed to Marie-Antoinette, came to mind!  (In fact, after lunch one player was overheard to admit to eating too much cake!).

The schedule of play went according to plan and when an early finish to the semi-finals became apparent there was widespread support for the final to be played before the feasting began.  

Runners-up Neil, Bruce and Jessica
The hard-fought final was played out between ‘Maintenant’  (Simon Arlidge, Ray Coutts-Smith and Bill Schwensen) and ‘Two Men & a Babe’ (Jessica Wyers, Bruce Gaunson and Neil Porter).  ‘Maintenant’ had a challenging route to the final as they were drawn to play in the Preliminary Round.  They won this by the skin of their teeth on the last end and in the semi-final at one stage they were 5 points behind. However, they kept their cool, rallied and again squeezed home by a single point.  ‘Two Men & a Babe’ reached the final a little more comfortably and whilst the experience gained by last year’s winners was a factor, the ‘Babe’ , Jessica Wyers, played a very significant part in all their matches with her consistently accurate pitching.  The match was a pretty close affair until in the final stages ‘Maintenant’ pulled clear to claim the Coup D’Antibes Trophy.  Many congratulations to the Winners and commiserations to the gallant but sporting losers.

Winners are grinners: Ray, Bill and Simon
Mme President Gai Jacobs presented the handsome trophy accompanied by bottles of French Wine, with the runners-up receiving boxes of chocolates.

It was then time to settle down for yet another very enjoyable social occasion accompanied by a wide variety of food and wine.  All in all another highly successful ‘Alliance Française de la Côte de Saphir' event.

In conclusion the Committee would like once again to thank Peter, Margaret & Brendan O’Brien at Mandeni Family Fun Park for providing all the facilities & for never failing to make us very welcome.  

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!                                                       Clive Roberts

Brigitte, Neil, Jan & Simon

Carmen, Fiona, Davina, Barry & Ray

Jessica 'Babe' Wyers in action

Everyone welcome!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Paris-based Contemporary Jazz

The Alex Stuart Quintet  

at The Four Winds Windsong Pavilion Four Winds Road, 
Barragga Bay (near Bermagui) 
Sunday, 26 October, 2014 at 3:00 pm 
Alex Stuart will return from Paris to Bermagui in October as part of the Australian tour to launch his new album, Place to Be. Zephyrs grabbed this opportunity to invite him back, following his 2012 sell-out concert here. This time he will play in Four Winds’ stunning new Windsong Pavilion. 
The Australian tour follows Alex’s album launch at Paris’s famous Sunset Club. Place to Be has received enthusiastic reviews in France since then, including: ‘Balanced to perfection … one of the best jazz albums of the year … 5 out of 5 stars’ (Nouvelle-Vague) ‘An absolutely superb album … music that shimmers’ - (French national radio station France Musique) ‘A compact, virile and integrated group sound. … the musicians come together with talent as a collective project’ (Jazz Magazine) ‘This brilliant Australian guitarist/composer … has released a rich, original and powerful opus’ (Guitar & Bass Magazine) ‘Very fluid modern jazz …18/20’ (Hifi Vidéo) In Australia, ABC Jazz made it a ‘Feature Album’ and The Australian's John McBeath gave it 4 out 5 stars. 
Place to Be expresses a spirit of cultural openness, with inspiration found in many places including the jazz tradition, contemporary jazz, African and South American grooves, rock and ‘post-rock’ music, Indian and Balkan music, the sea and surfing, the varied cultures and lifestyles of Paris's 19th arrondissement and much more. This album marks another big step in his musical evolution. 
Alex will tour with four award-winning Australian jazz musicians as a quintet: 
Alex Stuart – guitar, compositions 
Julien Wilson – saxophone.   Julien has many achievements, among the latest being the first person to win three concurrent Bell Jazz Awards. He played in Alex’s band during his 2012 tour. 
Miroslav Bukovsky – trumpet.  Miroslav is one of our leading jazz trumpeters, band leaders and composers and has won many awards and competitions, including an ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album. 
Jonathan Zwartz – bass.  Jonathon is one of Australia’s top jazz bassists and has won Bell and other jazz awards for his playing and compositions.
James Hauptmann – drums.  James Hauptmann is one of the country’s most in-demand jazz drummers and is in the ARIA Award winning band ‘Bluejuice’. He was one of Alex’s peers at the ANU School of Music and was the drummer on his first album, Waves.

Because he spent much of his youth in the Bermagui area, Alex thinks of it as his ‘second home’. In fact one of Place to Be’s tracks is titled ‘Cuttagee, Wapengo’ – a fond remembering, and anticipation, from Europe. Since arriving in France in 2005 he has built a strong reputation there, especially after launching his 2010 album Around and also winning the coveted 'Révelation' prize at France’s biggest jazz festival, ‘Jazz à Juan’, in 2011. 
In Australia Alex has, among other things, played at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival, been nominated for the prestigious Freedman Fellowship and had his albums featured on ABC Jazz and the ABC’s Jazztrack and The Music Show. 

For more information on Alex Stuart and to hear some of his music, go to View a video of the title track on Place to Be, here. View the Jazz à Juan performance of the title track of his previous album, Around, here. After the concert please join us for a chat with the musicians and other audience members over drinks and fine finger foods (included in your ticket). 
To buy tickets please go to our booking page. We look forward to seeing you at the Windsong Pavilion, at the Four Winds site in Barragga Bay, off the Bermagui-Tathra Road just south of Cuttagee Beach. 
THE WINDSONG PAVILION Zephyrs Performances Inc | PO Box 388 Bermagui NSW 2546 | 02 6493 4550 

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