Tuesday, March 7, 2017

From the President

Chers Amis
Here we are at the beginning of March and what we thought was the new year is already well on its way, as are the activities of your Alliance Française. Petanque has been going since the end of January and we have had our inaugural meeting of our fluent French speakers which will be repeated on the first Friday of each month.

Our first big social event of the year, the Welcome Party, was held at Mike and Lilias Warren’s house on 11 February. This was a very well patronised event with the largest attendance at such an event so far. Everyone was greeted and made welcome on arrival with a glass of Kir Royale. Much work had been done by Mike and his volunteers to ensure that everyone had a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the vast array of food available, and a suitable ‘French’ atmosphere was created by an abundance of French and Australian flags and two attractive murals. The success of the day was ensured when the weather turned out to be sunny and calm and the heavy rain we were all expecting went somewhere else. A big thanks to all of those who slaved over their French recipe books to produce the wonderful entrees mains and desserts, and particularly, to Mike and Lilias who were so generous in opening up their lovely house to us and making us so welcome.

What a great start to the year!


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