Thursday, August 18, 2016

From the President

Bonjour a tous. Sadly, this will be my final President's Report for La Mouette. I will be stepping down from the position at the AGM next month, and four other committee members will also be leaving. This is a fervent appeal to all members to seriously consider nominating for a Committee position for the next twelve months. I think it is a healthy policy to rotate committee members every couple of years so that new and innovative ideas can be put forward. Should we not find enough people to take up these positions, we may not be able to continue as we have done. I understand that we are all busy people, but as they say..."Ask a busy person!!".  Please consider.

Further details of the AGM are published in this edition, and we would love to see 100% membership there with so many nominations that we need an election. Wouldn't that make a change???  My final President's Report will be presented at the AGM but I would sincerely like to thank all the current and past Committee for their dedication and commitment to the task. A very special mention, once again, to Margaret Gaunson, who has given so many years and so much energy to the AF de la Cote de Saphir. I know that although she will enjoy the break, she has already committed her time to another group. Thank you too, to all the general members who always so generously support our functions and make this Alliance such a friendly and fun filled one of which to be a part. Thank you one and all.

Gai Jacobs

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