Monday, November 30, 2015

Je Suis Paris, Nous Sommes Unis

In this time of great tragedy and sadness, we stand in solidarity and support with our French neighbours, against the barbaric assault on humanity which has taken place in Paris recently. And, of course, let us not forget those who have suffered such atrocities all over the globe, including Australia. I know many of our members have visited Paris only this year, and it is difficult to comprehend how something so horrific could happen in this beautiful, exciting and vibrant city which is loved by so many. I have no doubt that “liberté, égalité et fraternité” will prevail over this evil, and peace will be the sweetest revenge.

Vive la France!

On the home front now, and as from this issue, we have a new editor of La Mouette. Clive Roberts has taken over the task from Regine Kasper, who has produced the newsletter for the past 8 years. You can read Regine’s story further on in this issue, but on behalf of all members of the Alliance Française de la Côte de Saphir, I want to sincerely thank Regine for her remarkable contribution to the group by ensuring that La Mouette was issued expeditiously each month for our enjoyment. Anyone who has had to undertake such a task will appreciate what an enormous commitment this is; the deadline looms large every single month and cannot be ignored; I think most of us just take it for granted that La Mouette will appear before the start of each month without giving much thought to how it actually gets there! Well, please know, Regine, that your enduring dedication is greatly appreciated. We also thank Clive for stepping into these very large shoes and wish him well in the task ahead. Clive has already had some experience in producing the newsletter and acquitted himself splendidly!

Gai Jacobs
Mme la Présidente

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